Our next events

  • 6 July 2022

    Pond Park Road and Cemetery Litter Pick

    A major clear up around Pond Park Road and Chesham Cemetery.
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  • 17 July 2022

    Cleaning Up Captain’s Wood

    Please join us in our efforts to keep this popular wood a beautiful place to visit.
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  • 3 August 2022

    Community Orchard in Lowndes Park

    The group will be carrying out pruning of the apple and pear trees and litter picking around the park.
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  • 21 August 2022

    Canons Mill & River Chess Bypass

    We will be clearing the bypass channel in the River Chess between The Moor and Canon's Mill to encourage fish further upstream towards Chesham.
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  • 7 September 2022

    The Co-op Field, Asheridge Road

    Carrying out environmental projects at a new site in Chesham.
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  • 18 September 2022

    Clearing the River Chess in Moor Road

    Come and have some fun on the riverbank cutting back vegetation and getting rid of the unsightly litter.
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  • 5 October 2022

    Moor Road Footpaths

    Clearing and cutting back footpaths in the Moor Road area.
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  • 16 October 2022

    Work Party to be Confirmed

    To be confirmed
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  • 2 November 2022

    Jacobs Ladder and The Backs

    Join us to weed the steps and to tidy up along The Backs. Care will be taken not to disturb the local frog population.
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  • 20 November 2022

    Holloway Lane

    Our project today is to cut back vegetation and clear blockages from the River Chess and to keep it looking lovely.
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  • 7 December 2022

    Wildflowers in Chesham Cemetery

    Supporting the Chesham Cemetery wildlife project
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  • 18 December 2022

    Meades Water Gardens in December

    Join us for a quick litter pick and tidy up before we head to the Queens Head for a well-deserved festive drink.
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