Our next events

  • 6 October 2021

    Clearing the Way to Chesham Cemetery

    Today we will be taking direct action to clear the litter on the paths to Chesham Cemetery.
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  • 17 October 2021

    Community Orchard in Lowndes Park

    We will be carrying out routine maintenance including pruning and restaking. We will also be litter picking in the Park.
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  • 3 November 2021

    The Co-op Field, Asheridge Road – Details to be Confirmed

    Environmental projects at a new site in Chesham
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  • 18 November 2021

    Quarterly Indoor Meeting

    We carry out vital environmental projects in Chesham. Come and help us plan our future work parties.
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  • 21 November 2021

    Holloway Lane

    Our project today is to cut back vegetation and clear blockages from the River Chess and to keep it looking lovely.
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  • 1 December 2021

    Work Party to be Confirmed

    To be confirmed
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  • 19 December 2021

    Meades Water Gardens in December

    Join us for a quick litter pick and tidy up before we head to the Queens Head for a well-deserved festive drink.
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